Staying Olympically Flippin’ Fit with NIKE

When my CheekyChicago girls and I worked out with Olympian Gymnast Shawn Johnson (left) at the #MakeTheRulesevent, I had an awesome time, especially trying to show her up at her own game. It was seriously invigorating.

A few weeks later. Jessundressed, NIKE and Lady FootLocker teamed up for some more a$$ kickin’ at the NikeFuelHouse in Lincoln Park. We started off with a cardio NIKE Training Club workout then rocked the Shawn Johnson NIKE+ Drill Pack.

WOAH. What’s a NIKE+ Drill Pack???

…It is a customized set of short exercises an athlete does to stay Gold Medal amazing.
(Foreal in Miss Johnson’s case. Truly HOLLER-worthy. SO love her…)

Anyways, LeBron, Manny Pacquiao, Hope Solo and many more have customized NIKE+ Drill Packs too, if you want to see how you stack up to their superawesomefitness. You can track how high you jump, how fast you run, how your stats measure up to your friends’ and so much more.

Look how much fun we had!!!

You can rock out with the NIKE+ Drill Pack Gear anywhere, anytime. And its super simple to get started. And that’s exactly how I like it.

So now that you’re all “OMG, I cannot live without this mind-blowing workout technology,” come by the NIKE FuelHouse to try it out- shoes and drill packs provided. 

Be sure to check out the schedule for free workouts there, too…

More good news, if you can handle it:
Jessundressed and NIKE shall be together again in the near future for a workout sesh and more freebies to boot. TBD but stay tuned.

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  1. Alright gal pal, here are the deets:

    Featured was a Nike Training Club aka “NTC” event. NTC events happen here & there in key cities – Chicago, NYC, LA – & you can participate in classes at various NIKE Stores, all you have to do is call your nearest one for class info.

    As for TX, check out the Saturday classes at the NorthPark NTC in Dallas: call 214.363.4127 for more info!
    If you’re ever in Chicago, hit up the NIKE Chicago store (669 N. Michigan Ave; every Tues at 6:30pm).
    For anywhere else you may find your sweet little self, download the free NTC app from iTunes. Then you can do NTC anywhere, anytime.

    Don’t forget to become a part of the NTC network: Follow @nikewomen on Twitter & “like” Nike Women on Facebook to stay close to what’s happening that way!

    Love ya for reading, lemme know if there is anything else I can help with & how your NTC experience goes.
    I want to hear all about it!

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