Bloody Beating Heart

She moved to the city and got artsy as hell.

I’m so put together and all over the place at the same time I could shit.

^I’ve had people tell me, “Ew, that’s gross. Please don’t use that phrase.”

Which is why I am using it. I do not owe you anything.

The painful flip of that?

You owe me nothing right back. Ouch!

I wrote a poem. About this and some other things.

This is it.

“Solo Dance”

The truth will set you free.

But that ain’t the truth to he.


Bites me from inside.

Leaves me to weep.

My own masterly plan.

A route for defeat.

I jump right in front of the bus. Anticipating maybe just a bump.


But my insides corrode.

The Phoenix has no chance.

And after it all it’s a stark solo dance.

And after it all it’s a stark solo dance.

After it all, it’s a stark solo dance.


If I were playing by rules, then “use the tools”

It works if you work it

Easy enough for a fool.

We each are in a sense.

And then brings commencement

To a pain infraction.

Looks in the reflection.

And then stark solo dance.

Just stark.

Solo dance.

I’m working on chords. When I get my shit together, I might just put it to song and if/when I do, I’ll post a video. Because apparently right now I’m all about sharing my bloody beating heart.



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