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If you’re like, “OMG the summery weather is AMAZING and I just want to eat like royalty and revel in all the natural noms” then check out this passion project come to life:

The Vegan Cafe 

In Lockport (Southwest burb of Chicago).

With a sweetheart owner named Marguerite.

And gluten-free, organic, raw vegan options galore—all free of GMOs.

I ran into Marguerite at a local grocer. After she kindly let me go ahead of her, we struck up a conversation over hummus and before I knew it I had my hot little cheeks in the seat of her cafe, knee deep in raw vegan deliciousness. Check out this rainbow of deliciousness.

No filter, no bullshit 😀

Here are a few stellar options from the menu. I know because Marguerite let me (and my Mom, bless her giving heart) try samples of them all!

Sloppy Joe
Walnut and sundried tomato based meat, with a hint of sweetness, served open face on flatbread.

Raw Flatbreads
A cashew and vegetable puree blended with flax seed to make our savory flatbreads. Served with cashew cheese, pumpkin seed cheese or pesto.

Eggless Egg Salad
A vibrant yellow cashew cream salad with celery, scallions, and diced red pepper. Served open face on a flatbread.

Get in on the eats and on with a bowel movement that’ll put spring in your step. At The Vegan Cafe.

…And tell M-Dog I say Hay!

The Vegan Cafe, 928 South State Street, Lockport, IL


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