Benedicts, Babe.

Easter is just around the corner and whether or not you celebrate the holiday, there’s a Humpty Dumpty hot topic amongst us all: eggs.

Kate Lemere, sweet gal pal (and fitness queen) and I hit a long-anticipated brunch date at Blue Door Kitchen and Garden in the Gold Coast. I ordered the Garden Benedict. And in the name of my egg yolkie folkies, I’m sharing my discovery. You, too, can get in on this #nomz lyfe!

Thanks for taking a prettier photo than I did, Nataliya A. from yelp. #photocred

You can’t really do an easter egg hunt with this dish. It would be messy and expensive.

But you can visit the farm-to-table, family-based, sustainably-responsible eatery… that is also adorably quaint once you step inside the hearty, wooden front door (think “rustic tea time”).

Resurrect your taste buds.


PS: Thanks to Girls on Food blog for the restaurant exterior image!

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