How My Housewarming Party Taught Me Not To Be a D!ck

I moved.

I hosted.

They seemed to have a good time.

Mission complete.

This is Shannon. A woman known for her ability to dance to anything.

I was kinda a nervous shitwreck before this party because – well, prob because throwing a party is a straight shot onto Vulnerability Island. WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF ME?

But I did it, with the help of my very rad and skilled roommate. Thank you, Calvin.

He knows how to make things and food and focuses entirely on serving others. I believe God has put him in my life to learn a little something. #omgitsnotallaboutme

I’m grateful to have that influence in my life.

No matter how giving I can be, the point isn’t to do it so I look good. My road to hell is paved with good intentions and that aforementioned selfishness is poison. It spoils all the fun.

And there is always the lurking voice that I can rest on my laurels.

Like, if I was giving one day then WE GOOD.

Well yesterday’s shower doesn’t keep me clean and today is a new day. Every day. God willing. God bless.

This housewarming party experience left me with more than how to make bacon-wrapped meatballs.

It reminded me that the point is to serve others.

That I have a good time if they have a good time.

That you can’t go wrong with serving fried chicken.

I’m grateful to the people that came and the opportunity to revel in current relationships and create new ones, too.


House warming and heart warming. Thanks for swingin’ through, folks. 🙂


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Jess Piet

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Gettin' real, NOT NAKED!
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Jess Piet

Jess Piet

Gettin' real, NOT NAKED!


  1. Needed to hear this today…wise words…loving heart. That’s you Jess.

    • It means a lot to me to hear I have shared something relevant. Thank you for letting my work be part of your day, Fa.

  2. Awesome lesson and great words of wisdom! Love seeing you grow in so many directions! Missing my anytime-dance-partner too

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