Kiss My Ass And My Eating Disorder, Too.

I recently hit my first Lollapalooza here in Chicago. Dope.

I was trippin’ over what to wear to the damn thing and spent way too much time ruminating over whether I should show more, less, or what. I wound up tearing my closet apart then wearing the very first outfit I knew was best for me.

If my 28 years have taught me anything, it’s that my gut knows best. But I’ll still fck around and waste my own time, sometimes. #imhuman

I went. I rumpshaked. I conquered.

But the next morning—aka right now—I stumbled upon this article

Hilary Duff was recently body-shamed for her backside, while playing with her son on a beach.

So guess what she did?

She posted the photo she was getting criticized for, featuring the dimples on her fine ass, herself. And she told body-shamers they can kiss it.

I think that’s pretty rad.

I can get so em-effing obsessive about my body but thank the LAWD:

1-I am clearly not alone.

2-I have a choice.

3-I’m the only one getting in my own way of a wrinkle-dinkle-dimply-good time.

Also, just fuck that so much. This shit contributes to why me, Hilary, and so many females out there deal or have dealt with eating disorders, body dysmorphia and/or an unhealthy relationship with food and self-esteem.

So go Hilary. And you. And me.

Now, off to Day 2 at Lolla in my buttcheek shorts! See you in yours.


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