I Lava You, Boo

I (finallllly) went to go see Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.

Imaginative and brilliant beyond, but honest truth…it felt a little long. #sorrybro
Hate to say it, especially because Joy was such a mad cutie…
…and Disgust was totally effing fabulous (Glitter green accents? So #BBHMM #iheartradioawards of you.)
branded riri disgust

Inside Out was good but the preceding short, Lava, was GREAT. Only a clip has been released thus far, so if you really want to see it you’ll have to catch it in theaters. Mom says, “The short was worth the price of the film alone.” #Mamaknowsbest and apparently she isn’t the only one who thinks this way per this Bustle article by Rachel Simon.

Once again, LAVA wins!
I can’t get the song out of my head and I’m not mad. I don’t think you will be, either:

Watching this has totally turned my #Tinder woes upside down. My Prince Charming (or Island Mountain Man?) is right around the corner, right?!
Do you Lava it?


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Gettin' real, NOT NAKED!
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Jess Piet

Jess Piet

Gettin' real, NOT NAKED!


    • It Lava-s you back. Who’s your favorite, the Man Island or the Chickee?

  1. I saw Inside Out twice, cried both times during the short and the main feature. Pixar gets me every time. Lava it!

  2. Speaking of Tinder, I saw you and gave you a “like.” I don’t swipe right for everyone. When you see my picture come up please look at my profile before you decide. My main picture is of me wearing my Royal Blue suit. After you see my whole profile maybe you could give me a “like” as well? By the way, that’s really me in all the photos, and yes, I was on American Idol. The audition is on YouTube. Search for “Nathaniel Jones American Idol audition” and it will be a 3 minute video.

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