Life Lessons from a Lawnmower


I surprise mowed-the-lawn for my Mom. Seriously, I mowed the whole damn thing, manually (although she may have enjoyed it more if I just had Mr. Shirtless do it.)

Anyways. As I was showing the blades who’s boss, I came to a few realizations.

As follows.

1) The gift in giving trumps that of receiving any day. You can buy a diamond necklace, but you can’t buy an opportunity to help. It’s like soul medicine. With a lifetime guarantee of self-centered shitstorm relief. #Freedom!

Consider what my pint-sized neighbor suggested:

little girl letter

Thanks, little girl. Will do. #BestDingDongDitchEver

2) Props (and gratitude) to the people who work their tails off in jobs that require physical labor like this. You kick ass.

3) Endorphins rule.

Giving. Gratitude. Gettin’ ripped. Triple whammy got me like…



Who knew epiphanies lived in the backyard.

Now call your Mom and get in the car. Spring has sprung and the weeds need whackin’.


lady lawn mower

Not me.

What random act of kindness will you rock?


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