LuckyFabb Postponed. Bloggers Kick Ass.

#jessundressedDoesLuckyFabb is officially on hold.

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There’s a kink in the LuckyFabb Conference’s spokes. The event (scheduled for next week) got postponed and bloggers are many things. Pissed, sad, inspiring? Read on.

Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine’s editor-in-chief JUST announced her transition out of the company. Any LuckyFabb ticket purchasers received the following:

luckyfabb postponed message


This has caused quite a bit of disappointment.


bummed bloggers


But alas! Where there’s a blogger, there’s a way.

Brainy babes are finding a way to unite and make the most of this hot mess! 


bloggers unite


Ah, the beauty of sisterhood. My bloggin’ babes WOULD use their “optimize this” attitudes. I came out pretty unscathed and am planning for the next one. And am all the more excited to meet this badass b#tchez.

Cheers to bloggers turning bummers into bellinis.


What do you think about the news? Still got love for LuckyFabb?


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