I’m Officially Getting Lucky.

I’m going to this year’s LuckyFabb Conference in New York City!

jessundressed luckyfabb banner

Honest truth? I’ve never been. And I’m like guido-rage-head pumped.

Anyways, I’m thinking out everything I need for the weekend.

There’s the obvious:

1.) Business cards

2.) Sweet briefcase/ business tote

3.) Chargers. Of all kinds #RobotStatus

4.) Clothes, toiletries, bla bla bla


But what ELSE?!

I would love to hear from some conference aficionados about items they find helpful to have in-tow.

nokia speaker

When I lived in LA, I hit everyday of Social Media Week LA where (not only did I win this dope Nokia Play 360 speaker #thaaaanks!) I had the delight of meeting a collection of top influencers like Michelle Phan and Aimee Song.

But note:

I LIVED RIGHT NEXT DOOR. So going home wasn’t a big deal to grab something.

Considering I’ll be staying at a hotel half a mile away in New York…

What’s your best advice?

Can’t wait to take you on this journey with me #jessundressedDoesLuckyFABB


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