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Hey, guess what! Today, I told body image insecurities to f#ck off! Weee!

I went to yoga. Then to Target. Where I didn’t change into anything. Which means I wore just my sports bra and yoga pants.

No one died! No one got hurt! No one even looked at me weird. The breeze on my skin was liberating. And so was the fearlessness.

Despite my┬ábig shirtless bravery, I’m historically more familiar with being body conscious. I’ve dealt with┬ábody image issues and suffered from body dysmorphia for most of my life. However, as I continue to grow, I do more and more that I am not used to or necessarily comfortable with. This includes facing things emotionally and physically. And in this case… topless.

After my Target triumph, I got home and took selfies about it. This is my reaction to no one dying.

Stains on my bra. Unwashed hair. Okay, fine NOT totally make-up free bc I have some acne and I covered it in the morning with some foundation but…

I feel pretty darn tootin’ fine.

So waddayasay… maybe you’ll join me next time?

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