forty 4 sixty

AAAhhh—lright listen up.  The new year is officially off to a booming start…and I hope that’s a good thing for you.
Either way, we all deserve a little love and tenderness for the sweat. blood and wrapping paper we’ve been buried under within the past few weeks.
SO. I think it’s time I tell you one of my best kept secrets as an Orland Park Native.

Orland Square Mall houses one of the greatest places for a kick-a$$ massage at a LITERALLY out of control price, at least as a first timer, but still  .  .  .

$40 FOR 60 MIN massage ! ! !

This offer is announced to you as you walk in at…
(just outside the entrance FROM the mall INTO JCPenny’s) 
(ask for Home Spa and the woman will set you up with an appointment)

….be ready. It gets a little sketchy becaaauseee…

The employees barely speak English. This causes a couple obstacles in the process but I don’t find that to be any problem.  It’s like the work you have to do to make up for all that cash you are saving.  One might refer to the situation as : booshg-hetto.
 Point blank- you save mega buck$ on this killer massage and language barrier or not (not to mention broke or not), you are likely to come back.

I’ve worked at multiple spas and stripped down for more massage therapists -in this country and others!!!- than I can possibly remember. And somehow this teeny little spot in the local mall which housed my underage obsession for glamour now TOO, houses my relaxation sanctuary.

(Massages are currently running for $1/min PLUS any service you choose comes with an additional 5 minutes for FREE. Dreams do come true.)

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