Is this coupon too Rib-a-licious for ya babe?


Groupon – is magical all its own. The website offers are a tight-wallet’s best friend (unless you become an addict like my mother). When I got today’s update, I immediately hopped over here to spread the good (and sooo delectable) word!

You HAVE to become a member if you aren’t already. Here’s a perfect example why…

One of my personal favorite restaurants in Chicago is CARSON’S RIBS AND STEAKS.
Granted, I eat neither ribs or steaks but that just goes to show how awesome it is!  This out-of-control menu  has been pleasing Chicagoans since 1977 and is still goin’ strong.  Named one of Chicago’s top 30 restaurants for multiple years, you MUST check it out.  Until then, you haven’t lived!
Why? becauuuuseee…they have healthy options too.

Some examples:
Fresh Salmon
Mediterranean Shrimp
BBQ Shrimp
and lots of yummy salads

WARNING: As always, make sure you watch your portion sizes.  Carson’s serves up mooore than plenty so ask for a doggie bag before you are served, and portion that hot-steamy-goodness out IMMEDIATELY!!!

The coupon featured is : Spend $15, get $30 worth of Carson’s goodies!

From the side dish of coleslaw to the full rack of ribs and sesame seared tuna….you literally CAN’T go wrong at Carson’s.
Now, I’ll excuse you. Get to Groupon NOW!


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