Ready to Revert?

I am currently bombarded with things to do:
people to call,
literature to read,
mirrors to clean,
Oh yes. 
Don’t forget the loads of laundry that need washing.

It can all wait my friends! I have found the key to Procrastination Station!

A break from real life, this is a free time-waster and a darn good time.
Check it out.
I saw this commercial that really lit my dorky world on fire. (click the link if you want in too) 
Crayola Story Studio: The place to revert to childhood…and a great place for kids to learn and play too, I guess.

You can make yourself into a cartoon.  Naturally, I went the Indian-chief-rock-star in a knight suit direction. Please note the mega-fly crowd surfing.

I can finally breathe easy knowing that – no – my personal life is not fully in order but – yes – I just made a totally cool picture and therefore do not care. At least I’m crowd surfing somewhere…

If you can’t beat ’em (the lazy thoughts in your head insisting you HALT your productivity)
Join ’em! At Crayola!


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