Sexiest Woman Penelope Cruz: Revolutionary Role Model?


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While on today’s #socialbinge, I found an intriguing update from @socialife_Chi’s Hotness in the News Report:

Esquire Magazine just named Penelope Cruz as “Sexiest Woman Alive 2014.”

Swimsuit-clad with natural make-up and perfectly imperfect tousled locks, Penelope Cruz absolutely glows on Esquire’s November 2014 cover. The bodacious babe doesn’t look too shabby in her other pics either…



Photo credit: Esquire Magazine

There is a lot of question around Esquire’s winning choice in Penelope, especially considering her current spotlight status.
Call me crazy but I find it delightful, even revolutionary.
There is a powerful message that today’s “winners” include those who keep their personal lives (and private parts) to themselves. Penelope is celebrated for her beauty and talent, not the level to which she exploits herself.

And I dig that.

no Miley no

It’s nice to see today’s “winners” include women with an element of mystery.

And let’s be honest, without ice cream cone pasties.

So when asked what I think about Esquire’s choice, I say: The less limelight, the better. And that class is cool.

Maybe this is a step toward a new standard for today’s “role models.” What do you think?

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