Dirty Delicacies.

My best friend Angie’s recent bachelorette party was THE BOMB. While searching for a snack to bring to it, I came upon a whole world of seriously inappropriate sweets I couldn’t ever have imagined existed. From private parts to just plain weird, tasty treats seem to have really taken the racy route. And I’m not mad.
Check these out and get ready to laugh, cry and feel super uncomfortable.gelatin baby cake

sex position gingerbread

fuck you pie

sexy guy cake full body


naked full womans bod cake  hysta new

cop cake

condom booty cake

baby foot

baby head animal new

I was also informed by one of my favorite digital dudes Jason Hirschhhorn of this:

jason hirshhorn tweet

PornBurger? Really?
Apparently savory options have gotten sexier too. Can’t lie, “The Hot Fuzz,” a balsamic-glazed, buffalo mozzarella, peach-stuffed burger gets me pretty hot and bothered.

Have you noticed the trends in dirty delicacies? Made one of your own?
Show me, I WANNA SEE!


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