So Sooooulful

so soulfulI did it. I rented the shoes. I clipped ’em into the bike. I rode like the wind.

But more? I FELT. And I felt great.

SoulCycle is finally here in the Windy and today I took my first Chicago-location class in Old Town. (I lost my SoulCycle virginity in LA.)

My instructor was Jaclyn, the same that led the ride hosted by Lady Gaga and Cynthia Germanotta to benefit the Born This Way Foundation last night. She kicked A$$!

I feel effing amazing, like I can move a mountain. Or at least ride up one. Ready to ride but pondering the nitty gritty details?

I got you boo:

DRIVING: They validate parking for $2 for 2 hours. #score

STUFF: There is complimentary face wash, shampoo and conditioner… and Q-tips, hairspray and towels… and blowdryers, hair ties and fruity chews. #ohMy!20150422_081229

STAFF: The staff is remarkably upbeat. They’ll help you set the bike to your perfect fit for a comfortably customized ride. #thxbro

SCREAMS: Hoot. Holler. Scream. Shout. This place is for the wild and free. The cycle studio is intimate and dimly lit. So express yourself, my little Madonna. We’re vibin’ off your energy.

Support your fellow humans at a class near you. Because we’re all mustering up the courage to chase our wildest dreams, find our life’s calling… and get through the day. We’re all in this together. And SoulCycle helps me remember that. #peace

Have you saddled up yet?



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