Sweet, Delicious Rock ‘N Roll

Check out this restaurant for a spin on the Valentine’s Day romantic dinner…
BUT make those RESERVATIONS now!
Because this is gonna be a good time.
Take a peek at the bistro’s website and get excited. You will, its literally the coolest website I’ve ever seen.

…I’m dancing to the tunes of it right now…oooh yeaaaa…oooh YEA! WOO!!! click itttttt!!!!!!!


Anyways, now that you’ve boogie-ed enough calories to cover your 1st of the 6 course meal, I’ll fill you in on the rest of the fun.

Featuring fluke tartare, rose water and cactus pear (Evvvvvery Rooose Has It’s Thorn)
and cotton candy, ginger brulee and caramel (Pour Some Sugar On Me) …
you’ll be shake, rattle, and rollin’ to the beat of your boppin’ tastebuds.

Show your better half heaven isn’t too far away with this impressive dinner date…and I can guarantee you get some SATISFACTION.


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