Party on, Logan

Happy New Year, gorgeous! How was your New Year’s Eve?!

I was in a one-piece spandex bodysuit aka mine was GREAT.

photo strip

I hit up Logan Square’s The Joinery with some besties: Chicago artist Gracie Hagen (left) and social savvy, girl power advocate Audrey Schroder (right). I’m still basking in the evening’s badassery. The vibe, aesthetic and experience were ON POINT.

The Joinery made history in my heart but also has an interesting history of its own.

Did you know the space was home to a mop handle manufacturing company in the late industrial era and has more recently served as a millwork shop? The Joinery has also been rumored as a warehouse for the mob! #badabing This variety of historical uses has inspired the eclectic collection of artifacts that create the spot’s dope backdrop.

Here’s a cool overhead view of the main space. This photo wasn’t from NYE…


But these were…







Groovy, huh?

Check out the hot spot for yourself and hell, throw your next party there too!

Just be sure to send me an invite.


PS: Thanks to Fox and Harrison for the photo booth shots. You put the YEEAA in New Year.

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