What’s it take to tickle me PINK? Beating breast and ovarian cancer.

Girls just want to have fun.
Plenty of us (and handfuls of handsome men, as well) celebrated just that at this year’s Tickled Pink event. 
From sparkling grapefruit mixers to slam-‘em-down Spicebox Whiskey shots, this party had every attendee jump, jive and shakin’ their tail feathers…all while flashing their fantastically fuchsia feather boas. 
You’ve got to love an event where men are sporting pink boas.
It couldn’t have been a sexier look.

Friday, February 24th, Chicagoans got together to celebrate a serious breast and ovarian cancer tush-whoopin’ by raising mega-bucks for the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.
A little wine, sushi and raffling made the soiree seriously sassy to boot.

On a personal note:
These cancers have horrifyingly woven their way through my family history. I have experienced the many sides and emotions brought on by cancer’s oftentimes relentless battle. Therefore, it was my absolute honor to roll out in shades of rose to celebrate women’s strength, courage and success in fighting back.
Take that cancer, you big jerk.

Held at the lovely River East Art Gallery, I expected a good time. Little did I know, what I was in for:
Upon meeting a bounty of absolutely wonderful new pals like Bright Pink’s Lindsay Avner, FOX Chicago’s hilarious Kori Chambers, Mia of Mia in Style and one remarkably ravishing drag queen, I realized I was in a sea of disease-fighting divas (and div-o’s?) and it felt perfectly: killer.

I was lucky enough to boogie down with my fab friends Kathryn Janicek, Jessica Zweig, Joran Thompson, Tara Peitzer, Megan Taylor, Jessica McCafferty, Katie Cahlmann and maaaany more, as well.
This was a night of celebration with no matter for who you are, what you do or who your date is. Tickled Pink’s energy was encompassed by the focal cause and the positivity filled the room like an epidemic.
The results? Over $50,000 to Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.
That, my friends, is the way to tickle this girl PINK.
Get in on the girl power:

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