Being a “Cellar Dwellar” is Pretty Stellar

Who’d have thunk a story about someone working in an underground cellar could be so entertaining?

It’s easier to understand when that the cellar is actually Barbra Streisand’s own pretend shopping mall built below her Malibu mansion. And yes, this really does exist. 

The idea for this genius comedy called “Buyer and Cellar” came about after playwright Jonathan Tolins read Barbra’s “My Passion for Design.” The book highlights every last detail of The Funny Girl’s dream home in the making, including her faux mall. This tickled Tolins’s obsession with “artificial utopias” and planted the seed idea that would explosively blossom into a critically acclaimed hit.

Tolins told The New York Times,
“I imagined a struggling actor getting hired to man the floor and greet the customer. What would the job entail? Would the lady of the house come down to shop, like Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess in her backyard at Versailles?” 

Entertainment Weekly insists this one-man show is, “Hilarious! It’ll go down like butta’!”
So, it’s probably best for you to get your tickets now, melt into your seat and enjoy the show.

Have you seen this belly-buster yet? RuPaul recently claimed it “twerked the corners of my mind.” So what do YOU think?


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