Strong Women Don’t Sit.

Recently I’ve noticed world-changing women popping up one after the other in the news- a trend I couldn’t be happier to see. These powerhouses are challenging standards and standing up for their rights. #emptyseats

First, we’ve got Robyn Lawley telling the fashion world to buzz off with her outspoken “poo poo” to the media’s size 0 standard. She’s considered a “plus size” model at size 12. See below. Now you tell me if you see anything “plus” about Miss Lawley who asks, “What’s so great about size 0 anyways?” #crickets

Next up is Misty Copeland, ballet prodigy who, at age 13, was told she started her career too late, not to mention that her body was overall “wrong…for ballet.” At age 24, Copeland became the  American Ballet Theatre in N.Y.C.’s second black soloist. Boom.
Now, Copeland is featured kicking ass in Under Armour’s new campaign, “I Will What I Want.” #notlistening

Keke Palmer will be Broadway’s first Black Cinderella this September. Apparently being the youngest person in television history to host her own talk show wasn’t enough. #GoKeke

Lastly, the Spurs officially welcomed Becky Hammon as assistant coach. Hiring a full-time, paid female coach is not only a first for the team, but the NBA as a whole. After this six-time All Star retires from her 16-season playing career in the WNBA this month, she’ll immediately switch gears as assistant coach. Looks like playing “like a girl” isn’t a bad thing after all. In fact, it’s pretty damn baller.

Which female mold-crushers keep you standing tall and speaking up?

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