Soul SURFing

It always feels good to cross something off the bucket list. My most recent strike-thru?
“Learn to surf.”

Surf's Up
The more I practice, the more I see: Surfing is just as much a mental workout as it is a physical challenge.
It’s gotten spiritual, quickly.
Lessons crash into me like Mother Nature’s white-topped waves. They’re a little scary but awesome at the same time. And they don’t stop. Even when I want them to. Sound familiar?

Dive into a few more of my metaphors:

1) Sometimes you get the snot knocked out of you.
You may or may not see the challenge coming. That wave that knocks you entirely off the board, flat on your ass?
Some times you see it from a mile away and know you’re in for a fight.
Others, it’s a big ol’ surprise. But did you take it and get up again? Damn right you did.

Equally lovely, exciting & battle wound-worthy.

2) It’s all good.
Enjoy the moment. The time you wash up on the sand with your hair all over your face with copious amount of sand in your pants is just as valuable as when you ride that wave out the whole way through. Each experience delivers an emotion.
And that emotion? That’s life.
Embrace having been able to experience it at all.

3) Follow the leader.
Being new to anything is humbling. Watching others, asking questions and being brave enough to admit you’re a newbie connects us as part of all humanity. We all have experience and learnings to share, so next time you can’t figure out why _____ (you keep nose diving, the office printer won’t work, your website isn’t getting as much visibility as you’d like, you keep dating “Mr. Wrong”) ASK someone who’s doing it successfully. Follow the leader.

4) Be of service.
Don’t forget that helping others is the greatest way to help ourselves. Simple. Beautiful.
One fella saw me struggling to get over the rush of waves to get out far enough for a good surf. He randomly shouted, “Point the front of that board upwards!” I tried it out and began to float OVER the swells.
I’m grateful he shared that tip with me and by his ear-to-ear grin after watching me apply his technique to successfully ride a wave out— I’d say he felt pretty good about it too.

Have any tide-changing takeaways of your own?

PS: Want in on the surf game? Hit up my instructor and new friend Christopher Hawley at He rules. #surfsUP

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