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Hey, y’all. I was gone for a minute because I got “busy.” But thanks to good friends who aren’t afraid to give me shit (and kindly mentioned they miss my posts), my a$$ is back in gear.

What have I been doing these past few weeks? Indeed, there’s been a lot on my plate, but one hobby I picked up amidst it all is audio book listening.

Time in the car has transformed into a learning fest. Coincidentally, I listened to books, back-to-back, that spoke on the same things but with totally different perspectives. AND I REALLY LIKED THAT.

(FYI: book images are hyperlinked to Amazon page if you want to purchase.)


These two New York Times Bestsellers educated on how to be my most creative, rad and present self. I know, like I could get any cooler, right? #JK #ORNOT

Also, they’re both written by inspirational, brilliant and honest women.

Amy Cuddy: viral TED talk queen.

Elizabeth Gilbert: author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Big Magic’s message explains Gilbert’s view on the mystifying wonders of curating creativity and how important it is to tune into impulsive moments of inspiration—and act on them. Presence focuses more on the how to be your “boldest self” through proof of countless experiments and scientific research, with a focus on body language.

One is all about the inexplicable and the other is all about the proof in the puddin’.

I’m a creative. Naturally, more of Gilbert’s Big Magic type. I don’t “math.” But Cuddy’s Presence opened, even pushed, my mind into understanding how I can show up in the world to better communicate all I have to offer. And that’s empowering.

No matter which side of the brain you are, I suggest the heck out of both of these books.

Stretch yourself. Push your limits. Listen to audiobooks.


PS: What should I listen to next?

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