Worn Out Loafers

Hey, cutie.

I was just getting ready for this party I’m headed to – again at the The Joinery. Pumped.

And I was thinking about what I wanted to wear. I thought about all I COULD wear but then reassessed the question.

“Wait a minute,” I thought. “What DO I WANT to wear?”

Yes, I could’ve chosen from a buttload of super-cute, über uncomfortable options. But instead, I answered the question with:

My favorite black, tattered, stretch denim jeans with my studded David Bowie top and my worn out loafers. And guess what…. DOIN’ IT. And I am officially ready to kick this party’s ass.

PS: These are from Paige denim. Buy this brand at Nordstrom Rack and save literally $100. OBVIOUSLY. But if you like ’em, need ’em, want ’em right this moment… click here.


Stilettos are great and all (apparently the model above thinks so) but it feels nice to know I am going to be comfortable for this party. #byebyehighheels #seeyaselfjudgement #hellodancefloor

I won’t be in anything that might restrict my inner lioness from rip-roaring through the place. And you know, it’s funny… I tend to meet, connect and get hit on by people most when I am without make-up and/or in my fave comfy garments.

Perhaps comfort in one’s own skin is the ultimate accessory? 🙂

By the way, because I love ya, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Clarks loafers rule. Leopard print or bust, baby. Wear these suckers out!

Which are the items you actually WANT to wear? Spread the love.


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