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This 4th of July weekend is off to great start but I want to make sure the typical get-together doesn’t start feeling like the same ol’ thang. So let’s add a little spice, eh?

Lord knows this weekend will host grill-outs galore, so I’ve decided to share with you my favorite BBQ bring-a-longs to zest up the ever-predictable “burgers and dogs” menu.

Share with your friends and you’ll be the coolest kid at the ‘cue in no time…

Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa
 NOT for the spicy-intolerant. Start with a tablespoon or two and work your way into it. If you like hot, hot, HOT, you’re in for a win.

Trader Joe’s Organic Ketchup
This has a thicker, more natural-tasting consistency that I love. 
Silver Spring Peppadew Mustard
This tastes awesome on beef/ chicken/ turkey/ tofu weiners with its zesty, sweet and spicy kick.
Grilled Pineapple
Throw this bad boy on your sandwich and the sweetly crisped edges will add a crunch you’ll love to munch.

Which options tickle your firework-ing fancy?

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