Big Girls Do Cry. Especially On Holidays.


Breaking traditions sucks.
Holiday weekends can get really tough in a new place, especially when you have traditions that are broken for the first time.

This year I DID NOT complete the following 4th of July traditions:
attend a block party
burn my hand with a sparkler
wear a genuine thrift-bought (no, not American Apparel) Honky-Tonkin’, I-Luv-‘Murica t-shirt alongside my childhood pals

But after a(nother) good cry, a long call to Mama and perseverance to slap on that bright red lipstick (no matter how nude-matte I felt), I enjoyed the 4th of July weekend with my new LA homies.  Not saying it was easy or pretty, but determination to focus on the fabulous can really go a long way.

I took a moment to recognize that I had NEW things to celebrate:
Great friends with California-sun-shining personalities
Unparalleled outdoor shopping on Main Street
A beach trip to settle my newly earth-quakin’ soul


Instead of focusing on all the things I was without, I took a trip to Gratitudeville and you know…the lack of sparklers didn’t leave me feeling so broken after all.

I’m counting each blessing at a time. And having Mom ship me my dorky I LOVE AMERICA t-shirts so I can continue my homestyle tradition, just from another coast next year…

#countyourblessings #brightred

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