Ameoba Music is Marvelous.

Amidst my errands today, I noticed this super groovy-looking building. I had the time, so I stopped to check it out. 
Where was I? Ameoba Music, the world’s largest independent record store. 
And it was RAD!

Check me out with this beautiful painting of Jenny Lewis on the outside of the building!

Ameoba reeks of originality and makes you feel really cool by just being there. The selection of music, movies and more was wall to wall and the staff all (brace yourself!) know what they are talking about. There are concert posters, vinyls and new and resale CD’s everywhere. This is definitely any music buff’s heaven on earth.

Not only can you buy awesome stuff in here, you can meet awesome characters too. Rock on, Mister TopHat!

Ameoba hosts concerts too! I’ll be back sooner than later to check one out…

Have you ever been to this musical emporium? Better get to it, because even though music has no expiration date…YOU DO!


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