Be SCENE Not Heard with Silent Frisco.

There’s nothing better than a dance party.
Tell me something I don’t know, right?
Fine, I will.

If you haven’t heard of Silent Frisco yet and you love going dancing (without going deaf), you’re going to FLIP.

Silent Frisco puts on dance-party-concerts-supreme where multiple DJ’s vie for the ears and dance moves of audience members. The kicker is that the music comes through high-quality headphones that light up in colors to represent which DJ you’re tuning in to.
You can dance along with your buds, or to the beat of the other DJ’s drum. As a Libra I enjoy my options, so this obviously floats my boat. 

Yes, I did just get all astrology about it. #welcometoLA

Another cool thing about the silent disco is when you’re tired of #twerking, you can simply remove your headphones, take a breather and participate in a real, live conversation and actually hear one another. Imagine!?

I discovered Silent Frisco’s silent disco at Wokcano a few weeks back and have been awaiting their return. Check out how much fun we had.

Great job on the vid, Joel Forrest Janacek.

I can’t wait to go again and am already contemplating what form of Spandex to sport for optimized move-busting.
Get your tickets here and meet me on the dance floor.

Don’t forget to stretch.

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