Drop Dead for Red Bread

OMG Red Bread.
If Pinterest were to come to life it would most definitely reveal itself as this place.
Red Bread made me crumble like the top of their Vanilla Peach Pie. The chalkboard walls warmed my heart like the the twine-laced, jelly-jarred tea did my hands. 

Built upon good intentions in Culver City, this social justice based Organic Kitchen and eGrocer “utilizes classic technique and time honored artisan processes in house to bring you the best food possible.” This method is responsible for awards like #1 Cookie and #2 Bagel in all of Los Angeles. #winning

Red Bread just celebrated its big-girl-now 1st birthday and I’m so glad they’ll keep the lengthy-named menu options coming.
(See “Salted Toasted Buckwheat Honet Peach Pie”, “Apple Cherry Caramelized Onion Corn Pudding Muffin”, and “Bubbling Pear Whole Wheat Tarts”. Fancy!)

Oh hey Linda!

Other reasons Red Bread rules?
They use only whole, natural, local and organic ingredients from California Farmers.
A portion of every sale is donated to the L.A. Food Bank.
The menu is ever-changing and harvest-inspired. #neverBored

Have you been to this seriously sweet spot? 
I’ve got to take my Aunt Penny here, she would die… #CPR


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