Douek and Jones. Naturally Delicious.

Sometimes you discover a new fashion line and you dig it. Then there is that whole love-at-first-sight thing. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you my newest obsession, straight out of LaLa Land.
Enter the Douek and Jones line: a women’s wear collection made with natural leathers, suedes, shearlings, cashmeres and silks. The pieces are sexy yet smart, eccentric while cool and always feature vibrantly clean, statement-making lines. It is luxurious. And amazing.

What really tickles my fancy about Douek and Jones?
The pieces are just as everyday wearable as they are elegant. I love nothing more than rocking a hot number while simultaneously reveling in its comfort. Hooray Douek and Jones!
On the destined day we met at her trunk show in Chicago, the London-native Nina Morgan-Jones showed me around and I took an immediate liking to her. She has a warm, inviting presence and a passion for her work that is obvious and refreshing.  
Note: Time stopped in the middle of our meeting as fringe caught my eye…#FRINGEfantasy

Douek and Jones, where femininity meets Mother Nature…and Vogue. (And the divas all get along SO well.) 
Get yours by visiting one of the Appointment Only showrooms in Hancock Park, Los Angeles or Laguna Beach. Just contact Nina at to schedule an appointment and for your nearest stockist. 

You’ll be glad you did my little style saint.


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