My #HealthyCity is Chicago. But I work out at LA.

I am all about 1) my city 2) being fit.
So when I was asked to participate with SELF Magazine in exposing my #HealthyCity secrets, I was all:

So, time to spill. Everyone knows how much I love a good Nike Training Center session, but my ultra-beloved gym is LA Boxing. I beat the crap out of the bag, sweat like a badass and relieve stress in a way unparalleled by any other workout.

My go-to spot is in South Loop, but I’ve experienced many other locations. PS: They are all over the nation! I can truthfully say that the LA Boxing instructors are consistently awesome but don’t worry, you’ll learn to hate them while they’re teaching. Those intense workout helped me lose lbs and tone my (#worsttroublearea!) arms like nothing else. I’ll take the pain and sweat, thank you very much.
^ NOT YOU after your workout at LA Boxing.
You don’t just burn 800-1,000 calories per hour smelling daisies. However, I am also a big fan of long, outdoor power walks, too.
Find your nearest LA Boxing here and be sure to check out SELF Magazine for the 2012 round of the Best Cities for Women. Share your tips & tricks with me here & on twitter too!
@jessundressed: #HealthyCity
See you at the punching bag, pretty.

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