Cotton Candy Couture: Summer Chi Style Just Got Sweeter

Spell “yummy” with a “c”? 
Since Cotton Candy Couture hit the scene, I’m spelling it with three!

This fling didn’t take long to unfurl. 
I came, I saw, I drooled. 
My eyes laid upon a frock that put my neutrals-obsessed self in the mood to channel Barbie immediately. I knew it was serious. 
Exhibit A:

Enter Jenna Zielbauer
owner and designer of Cotton Candy Couture and all-around glamour girl. This beauty is the mastermind behind fashions so sassy, they’ll get you all hot and bothered.

(In the sexy way though. Not the whole 90-degree, way too many people on this bus type deal. No thank you.)

Cotton Candy Couture is designed for the high-heeled women of the world that aren’t afraid to take fashion risks. It’s the perfect fit for the women who crave, not fear, the prying eyes of those who would never dare to wear something that makes them the center of attention. Cotton Candy Couture says the perfect dress is not the simple LBD, but rather the Little Bold Dress that will never be forgotten.

Jenna explains the typical insta-addiction:
“Remember that feeling of pure ecstasy you had as a child when you wrapped your hands around a stick of cotton candy and took that first fuzzy, sweet bite? We aim to bring that same joy to your life when wearing Cotton Candy Couture.”

…Seconds please.  

Just imagine yourself frolicking along Navy Pier or getting your taste buds rocked at RPM in one of these ultra fab looks. 

So saucy they’ll melt in your mouth:

Jenna’s beautiful pieces say I’ve got style, Don’t mess and Curves ahead without being obnoxious. 
Tough job. Awesome execution.

Which look will have you shaking up your standard style this summer?


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