F Yeah! Flavorful Grass Fed Fulfillment

Between XA’s lunch out and the A+ salad I ate, my visit to Grass Fed was an alphabet of fun. #XAdoesLunch the right way.
The Experiential Agency (a.k.a. XA) recently took me to Grass Fed, a shabby chic steak restaurant tucked behind a pristine white storefront in Bucktown. Before arriving, I recalled it’s awarded title (amongst others) as one of Michigan Ave Magazine’s “10 Top Chicago Steakhouses” and had high expectations.

After walking into this living, breathing Pinterest board, I began to suspect if the food would live up to the hype just as much. One bite in and yep: The proof was in the puddin’. Okay, we had the Burger and Asparagus Salad but you know what I MmMmMean.

I was fortunate to celebrate National Burger Day with Grass Fed’s sophistication 
and scrumptiousness 
the cup of coffee to finalize the date, a Passion House Pour-over, made me feel more like Lady Luck her own damn self. 

I’ll C you here soon because I know you’re B lining it to that white picket fence-worthy patio already... I don’t blame U.

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