Red Foo & Bella Bars too…My delish, nutrish welcome to LA!

I made the skip y’all! My cross country move is complete and I am an official Santa Monican. 
Holla California Girls! I’ve SO joined the crew!
There has been SO much culture, inspiration, vitality and beauty I have (and continue to) discover, I’m bursting at my sandy beach seams to share. There is a LOT hiding up these boho chic, breezy sleeves!
But first…
Lets begin with a little Q + A:
Q) Would I describe my welcome into the City of Angels something I LMFAO’ed off at?
A) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
One of my first days out here, I grabbed a funky fresh bite at Lemonade, an LA exclusive eatery with food “as creative and diverse as the city’s inhabitants.” (#amaze) And who else came to give me a warm welcome other than Red Foo, himself?
Hi Red Foo! Thanks for the la-la love!
My next LA-lovely discovery are these delish little gems that are as nutritious as they are life-saving! 
Heard of Bella Bars? SO yum.
Made with simple, all-natural ingredients, these raw vegetarian bars will supercharge your body and satisfy your sassy spirit. Grab one for your bag and you can make it through the LA traffic without going all…
They’re also perfect tagalongs for #TwilightConcerts on the Pier
(WHICH if you haven’t been, GO NOW. Well, next Thursday because they are only on Thursday nights. But seriously, talk about a musically invigorating babefest. #noWords)
Let me know how you like Bellas! But first: WHICH FLAVOR WILL YOU CHOOSE?! (bum bum BUMMMMMMM!)
See ya in the sand!
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