Marcellas, Marcellas: What’s fly for fall?

Fashion stylist & reporter Marcellas Reynolds is like a Big Brother to me.

He’s got all the fashion focus I need when I’m feeling stylistically scattered and he says it like it is.
Since I know no other way, we’re a pretty good match.
Plus, Marcellas’s street cred is legit, spanning from style segments on CNN to Fox News to E!
(& way more but we don’t have all day.)

As the fall season approaches, I’m all “Marcellas, what do I need to take note of so I don’t look like a total weenie?” and he’s all…well you’ll see.

Fashionistas everywhere: follow Marcellas‘s advice and you’ll be mad funky for fall.
You’re welcome.

For men: I’m excited for the emergence of camo print & military inspired looks.
Look to Phillip Lim for Target and Mr. Turk as well as Billy Reid.”

For women: I love all the black that showed up on the runways.
I’m tired of the past few seasons of bright and neon. Black is chic. And flats for girls. I’m so over wedges and platforms.”

In conclusion. Military is marvelous & platforms can take the plunge. In the garbage. Now.

Do you agree with Marcellas? Holla back non-weenie queenie.

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