Fab on Wheels: The Styleliner

While cycling my merry way through the streets of Santa Monica this morning, I came upon this stylish ride. They call it The Styleliner and it’s packed with hand-picked finds from all over the globe. 
It’s all organized to the “T” (aka you won’t feel overwhelmed and have a heart attack.)
I got myultimate boho-chic on and considered nesting in the masses of rhinestones, tassels and sequins amongst me. 
Since that would’ve been weird, I reconsidered and moved forward. But nonetheless, I’ll def be back.
The girls on the truck were super nice, helped with some style tips and -my fav part- told the stories behind each unique piece.
(I’m all about the back story.)
Should you find The Styleliner in sight, make sure you come to an immediate halt, because everything from authentic accessories to unique apparel awaits you. And the fact that it’s all aboard a truck is plain rad.
Have you seen The Styleliner in action? 

Check it out @thestylelinerand tell ’em jessundressed sent you 🙂 
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