I hate you. I love you. Happy 1 Year Anniversary.

There’s nothing like a good old cross-country move to excite, challenge and thrill the bejeezus out of you. One year ago, I moved to LA from the Windy City of Chicago.
It’s been a whirlwind of excitement and a storm of emotion, but I’m still kickin’ baby.
For any gals thinking about making the westward leap (especially my fellow Midwestern mamas), I’ve listed my: 

Top 6 Thing to Know Before Making the Cali Move. 
It ain’t always pretty, but nobody said it would be..

1) Dirty is the new clean. Torn jeans and messy hair can be symbols of immense wealth. OR homelessness. Take your best guess. Or wait until they walk to their car.

2) Read the signs. 2 words = Street. Cleaning. ($$$)

3) Be cool, be cautious. Work on your road rage issues before you move, kay? Cus no one knows where they’re going. And neither do I. 

Sometimes you just gotta get out and enjoy the view I guess.

4) Stretch. Because if you haven’t gotten into yoga yet, you’re about to. 

5) Practice your pronunciations. You’re about to meet people with names you never knew existed. Tinder is a nice introduction to this concept and will blow your mind.

6) Keep your eyes peeled as you pick your produce. You never know who you’ll run into at Whole Foods.

Well, there you have it, a few tips from a Chicago transplant. 
Have you made the move too? What have you found hardest to get used to?

#IloveLA + #DaBears =


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