Sparkle from the Inside Out: Carole Shashona

Ohhhhhh Carole Shashona. Where do I even begin with this Feng Shui-gone-stylist sweetheart?!

Behind the sparkle of her Asian-meets-Art Deco designs of the Black Diamond Collection is a deeper meaning: living in positivity and empowerment.

“What cred does Carole have to stake such a claim,” you ask?
How about becoming a Grand Master of Feng Shui after 16 years training in Hong Kong? 
(…How dare you doubt me.)

I recently checked out Carole’s Black Diamond Collection for myself and learned from her that choosing a piece is more about “answering to the need within yourself, visually” versus simple ol’ shopping. Carole believes the beauty of jewelry not only radiates outward, but sends beauty, balance, and serenity back inward to the wearer.

Some of her soul-soothing designs:


Notice that Carole’s designs feature a signature coin as a personal amulet, fashioned to assist with meditation at home or “on the go.” 

“It’s about centerlocking the senses to fully become your force of energy.” 

It’s impossible to walk away from Carole without feeling radiant- whether you’re in her presence or wearing her designs. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to look AND FEEL truly magnificent.

Rediscover wellness as you become your true “you”…at her site or at Barney’s near you 😉


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