My bestie moved to Indianapolis! And where she goes, I visit. And where I go, my inner yogi does too, of course!

After spending a fabulous weekend exploring darling boutiques, munching delicious #nomz and dancing with random ladies on the street, I wrapped up the trip with a Vinyasa class at my nearest studio.

Enter: Studio You. What a fabulous spot. Here’s a panoramic shot of what you see right when you walk in. Class took place in a quiet room with cool, fabric-quilted doors and a groovy mosaic light. Savasana was held in the pitch black and I was really into it.


The Rise and Shine class was just the way to start my Sunday (PS: Currently, Sunday classess are $5. Glory!) I got plenty of stretching in and even more recalibrating zen. There is so much power in mediation. But you knew that. 🙂

The cozy studio also has a lovely variety of apparel and other yogini goods. I was totally loving it all and actually found out that the majority was sourced from another local boutique which I quickly bee-lined over to.

Enter: Love Your Body Yoga & Loungewear Boutique

Now, THIS gem was EVERYTHING. First off, the people. The owner, Lisa Berry is a delight and a half who was SO warm and welcoming. She turned my shopping trip into more of a girls night out. What a doll, and so was the rest of her helpful crew. (I would need it considering all the time I spent in the dressing room. Cute alert!)

Love Your Body Boutique is a land of Spiritual Gangster, Alo, Free People, Nana Judy and so much more. Who would have thought this Chicago girl’s new favorite spot for athleisure duds would be in Indy?! Thank heavens they’ve got a website (with free shipping right now!) YAY!

Check out my fun purchases! #blingbling





The cherry on top? Love Your Body Boutique loves a tagline as much as I do. Theirs:

Down Dog to Date Night.



Do you take yoga with you on your travels? Boutique-seek for groovy gear, too? Where are your cross-country hot spots?




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