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Cross stitching is easy and fun (says my best friend). I purchased a kit of my own to give it a spin. (see below)


Don't Be A Dick

SO. I never actually made it. I literally made one cross and called it a day. I don’t know, it’s more her thing than mine, I guess.

BUT. I am so glad to announce that the super rad brand behind these cross stitch kits—Subversive Cross Stitch—has now released a goodie for we less thread-y. Ready?

Introducing the brand spanking new:
Subversive Cross Stitch Coloring and Activity Book!

Activity Book

Check out the deetz (thanks, Amazon):

For the first time, Julie Jackson’s sassy cross stitch designs are available in coloring book form. Julie doesn’t hold back and neither should you. An adult activity book that collects her signature patterns into the ultimate therapy–coloring pages–plus connect-the-dots, finish-the-doodle, and a host of other fun activities, this is the perfect opportunity to color your blues away and channel your inner badass with the Subversive Cross Stitch Coloring Book.

Say bye-bye to winter blues and feel the burn… in your marker-gripped phalanges. Check out these “Everyday Valentines” you can color and give away to people you super care about!


Just darling.

So, who’s crayon-clad and ready to color, babe?



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