Ice Queening with Alia

You know that friend who you had that stellar 4th grade slumber party with and reconnected with after like 10 years because you stumbled upon her dopeness on social media then met up and she’s bomb as she ever was?

OMG me too!

Chicago, you know her and she’s blowing up faster than I can bat my lashes:

Miss Alia Darwish! You may know her as the HBIC of @beautyby_alia on Instagram, too.

This beauty knows how to rock a look just as much as she knows how to paint one on and she took full advantage of adding this entirely willing, purple-ice-blonde to do so.

Can you even handle this bright-ass blue hue?!


This was the first collab we’ve ever done, but hold on to your lipsticks, lovers. There’s more to come.

A little more on this glamour queen:


Alia is from Chicago. She was exposed to the world of art since she was little, due to her mother’s artistic nature. Mom was a graphic designer and now— she professionally quilts. Alia moved to Scottsdale, attended ASU and majored in Business and Design. She got married and moved to Kuwait with her husband where she began oil painting at an American University. An oil painter from Savannah, Georgia recognized her talent and began to mentor her, teaching about color, blending, control and hand dexterity. From there, she was offered a scholarship to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There, she persisted in exploring her love for art but especially, for painting. Alia has taken all of these skills and applied them toward makeup, which she enjoys because she also loves people.

Alia says, “Painting is very isolated and can be lonely. With makeup you are transforming a person… not only externally but also internally. I love the confidence and the beauty I help my clients discover.”

Warm, welcoming attitude paired with ice cold skill.

Let it snow, Ice Queen.



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