Ring Around The Nosey

‘Tis the season to kick major ass.

Not sure about you but as #blessed as 2016 has been, it’s also been a doozie.

My inner rebel and Alia Darwish (makeup artist @beautyby_alia) collabed for another round of butt-whooping beauty and this time, all I could see was SEPTUM.

Here’s the look. I thought about ex-boyfriends and bad dates to help give face. #claws




For more info on how this bomb chick brought the look to life, visit the instagram post here. It lists everything she used and shows the steps she took.

As for my contribution… other than my face… I purchased this septum ring to up the killer-queen ante.

Here’s where I found it and a close-up of exactly what the set it came in looks like. PS: This pack came with 2 rings for under $6. #chaching

septum rings

Have you ever rocked a fake piercing to enhance a look? Hook me up with your suggestions, I’M INTO IT.



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