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Calling all coffee cravers!

Are you a Starbucks addict like me?? (can’t live without my tall soy latte, EXTRA foam please!)
WELL, if so be prepared for the new look you’re about to start sporting…
things have gotten really fishy at Starbucks…the logo is being changed!
The logo will now feature the siren or mermaid as many refer to it- only!
No need for the phrase “STARBUCKS COFFEE” any longer…we have all become so addicted that the emblem can now stand alone, just like Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s …well…apple.
Not only is the socially recognized logo able to stand alone (in the classic green shade) thanks to all of OUR continued patronage BUT…Starbucks also decided that they offer so much now, it is no longer fitting to limit the logo “Starbucks Coffee”. So they ditched it altogether.
I hope this means more goodies from the company! 
Note: delectable treat UNDER 150 cals?
Order: SKINNY French Vanilla Grande Frappacino, light base, and nonfat milk . . . heaven.
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