My Jim Beam Billboard, Baby.

That’s my billboard! Raise da rooof!

Jim Beam Billboard 2   Jim Beam Ontario Billboard

Okay, so it may not be on the actual roof. But “Scale the side of the building!” just doesn’t have the same swag.

In the past few months, I’ve been ultra-blessed to work with the seriously wonderful creative team at Beam Inc…as in Jim Beam (and many other spirits in fact.) And my HOTTEST news on a project for Jim Beam Kentucky Fire (don’t mind the pun) is:

The copy on this billboard is by yours truly and can be caught on the corner of Ontario and Orleans near you. Or not near you if you don’t live there. I digress…

I am so excited to have a billboard up in the Chicago Loop. It’s like a family member looking me in the face every time I walk past it. I mentally fist-bump it.

Is it getting HOT in here or is that just my career? #justsayin

Do you like it?! Have you tried Kentucky Fire Bourbon? Will you now?




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