No-Makeup Movement’s Latest Player: Me

I’m so inspired by Alicia Keys. I recently watched her perform “Holy War” and got chills/addicted to it for days straight.

It made me think a lot. Not only about the context of the song but of what she stands for: Self love.

Long story short, I’ve been moved to hop aboard the No-Makeup Movement. It’s been hard. Not physically of course, but emotionally.

I’ve been getting facials for my troublesome skin for about a month now from Lizette Zlogar at Fuse Salon and Spa, a razor sharp and wildly talented Master Aesthetician and Makeup Artist. I have seen more progress than ever before. This has made it inherently easier for me to feel comfortable doing this, but in the process, I realized how vulnerable I feel without my shield. I have wondered, and continue to ponder, day after day of this experiment:

Will the world still like me without makeup?

Can I be taken seriously without my armor of conventional beauty? By friends? In the workplace?

I haven’t been doing this long enough to give full commentary on the experience but I wanted to welcome you in as I embark on the journey. More uncoverings are sure to come.

Thus far, one of my very favorite quotes is holding up against the experiment:

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Thanks again, Bernard Baruch.

For now, this is what I look like makeup-free. Still like me?

The greatest uncovering: I still do. Perhaps that is the lesson meant in all of this after all.

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