Chromat So Phat

Decided by men.
Not exactly the way I’d explain the essence of a woman’s body, either.

Chromat founder (and tech + fashion genius) Becca McCharen uses these descriptors to represent the larger part of the fashion industry’s approach to women’s wear.

Check the article out, highlighting Becca’s beef with the industry and her approach to changing it for the big, skinny and bomb-ass better.

Here’s a peek of her fabulosity on the runway:

The result of Becca’s diversity-indulgent efforts?

Women of all kinds sporting the fearlessly unapologetic styles with matching attitudes.

From The News & Advance article:

Queen Bey herself . . . wore a McCharen garment during her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour, as did Taylor Swift in the music video for the hit song “Bad Blood.”


As stated by Becca:
“I don’t think it’s one certain woman, but I do think you have to have a certain mentality to wear Chromat, because it’s for people who aren’t afraid to stand out, who are fearless and bold.”


Now, that’s more like it.
Blaze that trail, Becca. We’re behind you.

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