Steve Harvey. Me. And a LOT of Bouncy Balls.

Reasons I can’t wait for warmer weather:
Boys in floral
Crop top anything
Flower wreath headbands #hippieChild

I’m also looking forward to is this RAD event, which I want Steve Harvey to join me in. We’ll get there later though…

me and steve banner w balls

Introducing WipeoutRun, inspired by the show WIPEOUT. It’s coming to Chicago July 25th!
Here’s a glimpse of the ridiculousness:

OBVIOUSLY I’m always down for a ping-ponging, mouth guarded, bouncy good time.
And a physical challenge to let my inner Wonder Woman shine? Duh.

My Idea: Knock this thing out- and document it- with Steve Harvey. I can only IMAGINE the hilarity that would ensue between homeboy and I in the midst of all that whiplashyness.

I mean- if I’m going to get bopped upside down into a kiddie pool of doom, why not do it with hilarious company and spread the joy, right?

Holla atcha girl, Steve:


As for the rest of you- I’LL SEE YOU IN MY HELMET.


PS: Marjorie would look good on the course too… I know #TheLadyLovesCouture but I imagine she’d kick some Spandex-clad booty. #themorethemerrier

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