Oil. Dripping. Everywhere.

Remember the Bourbon Massage I told you about?

Well a girlfriend of mine did and brought up to me her discovery of a new type of massage experience she’s loving: Panchakarma.

“I’m sorry, Panch-a-wha?”

Panchakarma. It’s an Ayurvedic oil-infused meditative experience. To simply call it a “massage” just ain’t right.

Ultimately, it helps you get super clear, quiet and creative. Sometimes, the world just needs to be silenced… as one gets doused in oil. Ya know?


In a Panchakarma session, one is physically slathered in oil and spiritually grounded. The process is said to correct the body’s balance, maintain optimal health and open the third eye (the gateway to higher realms of consciousness, duh.)

I headed over to my pal’s Pancha-lady, Deborah at at Plan-it Lean, to check this thing out for myself, third eye in tow.

I arrived and talked to Deborah in the very zen-y office. She holistically assessed my composition and explained how we’d be working to find balance. We discussed past, present and future as well as mind, body and soul. She’s as sweet as she is knowledgable of Ayurvedic practices and I felt like I could trust her. #important

…And I had better because before I knew it, I was bare naked on an elevated bed being slathered in rich oils and cocooned into heated blankets. I was then directed to quiet my mind as a pot of oil dripped slowly onto my forehead. This would clear my mind and open my third eye. #WakeyWakey

I felt extremely calmed throughout and after the session of course, but found myself very grounded, balanced and clear-minded the whole next day. The Panchakarma session had lasting effects on my physical AND mental. Really cool!


Intrigued? Get in touch with Deborah at Plan-it Lean over at 920 N Franklin for a session of your own and be ready for your own Panchakarma experience.

It will totally leave you saying #Om My Gosh.



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