Gifts for the Dude I Dumped

I recently went on a few dates with a dude who, amongst many other things, mentioned he likes relaxing with a weekly massage. Interesting.

Just as quickly as I took to being intrigued, I was curious. “Are there any particularly masculine massages out there?”

A search was born and my answer was found. Why yes, Jess. There are.

Check it out: The Four Seasons Hotel Spa‘s Vintage Bourbon Massage!

FourSeasonsChicago_CreditFourSeasons-200x300It starts with an “invigorating body scrub done with a gingersnap-pecan scented mix of brown sugar and Kentucky bourbon, then continues with a relaxing massage featuring essential oils and heated stones. There are also hand and foot treatments incorporating warm, bourbon-spiked soaks. Treatments conclude with a visit to the Allium Bar for a taste of smooth, single-barrel bourbon.” …Thanks

Can you say Valentine’s Day Gift/ Girlfriend of the Year award?!!

55 minutes, up to $170 and an (oak-charred) barrel of fun? Bottoms up.

My Tinder peach turned out to be a more of a lemon for me but at least I found a golden apple of a gift!

Now back to finding Prince Charming…

Have you ever had the Four Seasons Vintage Bourbon Massage? Have another cool idea for your boo? Do tell!


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